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Hello, my name is Miraiya Divina

A priestess of the Goddess.

I offer Love and Embodiment Mentoring and quantum energy transmissions. I support wombyn to embody sacred sexuality, thrive in flow with your body, and expand your capacity for love, pleasure and fulfillment. 

I hold a safe container for you to integrate your shadow so that you can embody more of your divinity, pleasure and creative sexual energy.

Isn’t it time you harness your creative sexual energy so that you can live embodied in your sensuality and thrive in alignment with your body and your divinity.

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"Miraiya worked with me in awakening my divine sexuality. She helped me align with my divine essence from within by identifying my blocks and using energy clearing work so that I can enjoy a more sensual and fulfilling life with more passion, creativity, ease, flow, joy and peace. I’m more open and finally able to publicly share my abilities with the world. I highly highly recommend her services! She is such a blessing.


California, United States

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Let's chat to see if we are a good fit. Book a 30 minute "Next Steps Call" below to discuss options to support your unique goals.

I work with wombyn/women/womben who are aware that they are here on a division mission to break generational patterns and anchor in new earth. 

It’s more than meditating or astral travel. It’s definitely not about arriving to be the one who “gives her all”. 

This path is about embodying that you are fully divine and fully human, embracing that you are a bridge between heaven and earth. 

The old patterns and paradigms don’t serve you to live in your truth and radiate the love that you are. 

You are ready to choose to embrace what it is to be a Creatrix, a womb carrier, a mother, and foster the higher frequencies of true, unconditional love, and this starts with you. 

You are transmuting the pain, the suppression and the guilt; all without blaming, as it is part of your divine path to embrace it all and raise to a higher octave of love. 

As you embody this love, your life will transform because you will vibrate at a level that attracts a different way of living, healthier relationships, more ease, flow, joy and abundance. 

If it is your mission to embody this and pass this on to future generations so that they can live their missions without dealing with the difficult steps you signed up for, book a call now.

You are laying the foundation for profound changes for humanity. It starts with you and how you love yourself. 

I AM Ready!

Energy Healing & Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Miraiya Divina offers a unique blend of coaching and multidimensional healing modalities, including Akashic Records, Holy Fire® Reiki, Sacred Soul Alignment™, light language, shadow work, chakra healing, sound healing, inner child healing, breath activations, womb healing, yoni gems, and advanced sacred light tools.

🌹 Priestess of The Rose Lineage

🌹 Trained in Mystery Schools of the Feminine Arts

🌹 Sacred Lotus Facilitator - Yoni Gem Rituals

🌹 Advanced Sacred Soul Alignment™ Practitioner

🌹 Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner

🌹 Holy Fire® Reiki Master/Teacher

🌹 Certified Holistic Health Coach

Yes, I Desire More Pleasure!

Holy Fire® Reiki Master Teacher

Holy Fire® Reiki helps develop the qualities of joy, peace, love, compassion, the ability to forgive others and yourself, becoming non-judgmental and creating a tremendous feeling of spiritual freedom and happiness.

Holy Fire ® is both powerful and gentle. It provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.

Holy Fire ® Reiki has unlimited potential in terms of healing your issues and developing your spiritual nature. It has the potential to develop higher levels of consciousness within you. 

Waitlist for Reiki Training

Cacao Ceremonialist

Cacao has a beautiful feeling in the body. It opens your heart, expands your intuition, increases focus, and gives you a light, euphoric feeling. 

Working with this plan spirit and medicine has been a key to my self-love journey.

I can’t tell you how much our session meant to me. It was an absolute honor and joy to connect and work with you on such a personal level. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart."


North Carolina, United States

  • Are you dedicated to ascension and manifesting a new paradigm for yourself and the collective?

  • Do you desire to reclaim your sovereignty, to live fully in your power, enjoying the sensual nature of life, and to live in your unique flow?

  • Do you desire to do integrate your shadow and increase the love for yourself and those around you?

...thank you for sharing your beautiful heart voice. I got chills! Your drum reminds me of the moon. Many blessings to you!


Virginia, United States

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